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About Cirque
About Cirque

Cirque Audio Technology  Co., Ltd.

Cirque Audio Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2004 by an advanced team of engineers prolific in audio development and manufacturing of headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth products. Cirque’s designs are crafted for the ears of audiophiles and provide sound of the highest quality. Our elegant designs are created with luxury as a top priority, and all earbuds fit comfortably so users can concentrate on what’s important: their music. Cirque’s modern designs and advanced technology provides products for your brand that sound crisp, fit seamlessly, and look sleek. Cirque headphones and earphones can be used leisurely, during workouts, or on-the-go. Our engineers are first and foremost music lovers. We are passionate about music and always on the lookout for inspiring artists and unique sounds. We take an intuitive and minimal approach to engineering and design that is parallel to real Rock n’ Roll: music before image, function before form, and pristine quality. We aim to provide our customers with revolutionary products that look, feel, and sound incredible. Our products are meant for those who enjoy music as much as we do, who want the quality of high-end speaker systems but the comfort of a personal concert.

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Company News
  • Acoustic engineering
    Acoustic engineering
    Professional acoustic engineering team with 5 years and above of experience in acoustic industry specialize in speaker, amplifier, microphone & headset manufacturing.
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  • Mechanical engineering
    Mechanical engineering
    Experienced team members are proficient in mould's art and mechanism design, they also have a light hand with reviewing the ID design & mechanical risk, posting Feasibility Analysis Report and arranging the prototype sample. The lead and follow-up assembly verification problems and then present solutions and resolution time.
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  • Electronic engineering
    Electronic engineering
    With high level of experience and in-depth technological applications knowhow, the Electronic engineers gathered the fairly good resources of electronic, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF & electro-acoustic expertise, to design excellent products to meet the requirments of customers.
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  • Quality engineering
    Quality engineering
    Experienced engineering team and professional equipment guarantee the product quality and meet market expectation. Equipments: •Temp. & Humidity Tester, Push-buttonTester •Switch Life Tester, Transport Simulation Tester •Tensile Strength Tester, Drop Tester •Salt &Spray Tester, Abrasion Tester •Plug & Jack life Tester, Wire-bending Tester.
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